The American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 by Patti Garibay and other parents from West Chester, Ohio to form a Christian alternative to the Girl Scouts of the USA after the Girl Scouts allowed individual scouts and scouters to use wording appropriate to their own beliefs for the word "God" in the promise and supposedly banned prayer at meetings.In June 2009, the AHG formed a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).The Memorandum of Mutual Support recognizes the common values and goals of both organizations and formally established a relationship, as AHG had been working with the BSA on projects and utilized BSA camps The American Heritage Girls program is divided into several levels based primarily on age.

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Patriots wear the same uniform as Pioneers, except for a red polo.

The American Heritage Girl program emphasizes life skill enhancement, developing teamwork & building confidence, social development, girl leadership, character development, and spiritual development.

AHG ascribes to progressive programing, where everything a girl does will be appropriate for her age and ability.

As a girl moves through the program, requirements for badges and other achievements will become more challenging.

American Heritage Girls have the opportunity to earn badges from 6 frontiers: Pathfinders earn necklace beads for attendance, memorizing verses, and participation instead of badges.

In addition to badges, girls are encouraged to earn level awards, sports pins, service stars, and patches.

In the last year a girl is in each level (3rd grade, 6th grade, 8th grade, etc.), they have the opportunity to work towards a level award.

Pathfinder's uniforms consist of a pathfinder shirt, pathfinder necklace, closed toe shoes, and navy slacks or a skirt.

Tenderhearts wear white polos, closed toe shoes, a navy neckerchief, a red vest, and navy shorts or a skirt.

Explorer uniforms are a white polo, closed toe shoes, a red neckerchief, a navy vest, and khaki slacks or a skirt.

Pioneers wear a white polo, a navy sash, closed toe shoes, and a khaki skirt or slacks.