What I am looking for is a way to link the events so that when one is updated, the other is updated as well.To Clarify I DO have my Share Point calendar synced to show in Outlook.

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If you email the event to the email address as an invitee, then any time you send out an update, that update will be reflected on the Share Point calendar.

First things first: do you really need to sync Google and Outlook calendars?

You might think you do, but there are several alternative approaches which might solve your problem.

I do this because the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook doesn't show me as busy during meetings scheduled on the Share Point calendar (in Outlook) and the same applies with the Group Calendar in Share Point.

But when a meeting time changes or is otherwise modified, the changes only apply to the event on either my personal calendar or the Share Point calendar (wherever I made the change).

I need to delete the existing event on the other calendar and then recreate the event.

You can do this by turning on incoming email in your Share Point calendar settings.

I have a group calendar in Share Point that is synced to show in Outlook.

Because everyone in my office uses outlook we copy meetings from the Share Point calendar to each persons outlook calendar.