and later press secretary in the New South Wales Parliament. In his early thirties he began to experience a disillusionment with his material life and in 1964 he abandoned everything, including his family, to go to India.

and that unhappiness arises because man and woman have forgotten how to love each other.

In 1984 he recorded a double audio cassette Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way, later published as a book and CD.

He started his public teaching in England and later went on to teach in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, the USA and Canada.

His last public seminar was the tenth annual 14 day Master Session held in Queensland, Australia in late October 2002.

He continued to write new material after this and his observations on the approach of death were published on his website.

The story of his realisations is told in a book published in July 2013; My Life Of Love & Truth: A Spiritual Autobiography which describes his life up until the death of his second wife in 1982.His works are published by the Barry Long Foundation International, based in NSW, Australia He stated that this fluctuating condition is set in motion and maintained by an addiction to thoughts and the emotions they create.These emotions encourage other thoughts and so a vicious cycle is initiated.We are trapped in this cycle, he suggested, until we follow "the way of truth".It includes: The sexual aspects of his teaching gained great notoriety, assuming a greater prominence in the public mind than Long wished.He maintained the relationship between man and woman caused the greatest unhappiness in the post-industrial West.