For those of you with green card cases which will be processed at US consulates overseas, including those cases which have been pending due to priority dates being retrogressed, have you been updating the National Visa Center (NVC) with changes to your mailing address, phone number, and email address? It is essential that the NVC has the correct contact information so that updates regarding the processing of the case at an overseas post may be sent to the applicant. Changes in this information should be reported to the National Visa Center (NVC) as soon as it occurs.Information Required When contacting the National Visa Center (NVC) directly about an immigrant visa application case, always include the following information: Via Telephone Customer Service Telephone Operators are available to respond to inquiries Monday through Friday from am until am (EST). Don’t be surprised if you have to call numerous times before the phone is answered.

This is because the IRS verifies the information you put on your taxes with the information on file with the Social Security Administration.

If it doesn't match badness ensues, such as a potential delay in receiving any tax refund that you're entitled to.

The IRS may simply decide that, since the information doesn't match, it will not process your taxes.

In fact, now is the time when you want to ramp up your name change, particularly if you haven't yet changed your name with the Social Security Administration.

IMPORTANT: You cannot file your taxes under your new married name until you have legally changed your name with the Social Security Administration.

ALSO IMPORTANT THOUGH LESS FUN: If you are divorced and have taken back your maiden name (or taken on a new name altogether), the same rule applies.

The name you give to the IRS and the name on file with the SSA has to match.

Via Post Mail National Visa Center Attn: WC 31 Rochester Avenue, Suite 200 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2915 You may want to use more than once method to make sure the NVC receives your updated information.

The last thing on your mind right now—now that you've noticed the date—is working on changing your name.