See also: The 25 best Android smartphones of 2015 The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6’s 5.5in IPS multi-touch display is housed within a 154x77mm housing, which gives the device a 70 percent screen-to-body ratio.It boasts a Full HD resolution (1080x1920), which equates to around 401ppi, that provides great viewing angles, vibrant colours and an overall crisp display.

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We’re not quite sure why Vodafone only offers grey and silver variations of the handset as we think it’d benefit from an injection of colour and make it stand out from a sea of dark-coloured handsets.

What surprises us the most is that the Smart Ultra 6 is only 8.4mm thin, which is thinner than its little brother, the Smart Prime 6 which measures in at 9mm.

It also weighs 159g, which is only 4g heavier than the Smart Prime 6 but boasts a bigger display to compensate for this fact.

Though it’s bulkier than premium phablets like the i Phone 6 Plus, it doesn’t make it any less comfortable to hold or use – and again, that’s down to the premium design of the device.

Vodafone, like other carriers, has started to manufacture its own line of smartphones – namely the Smart Ultra 6 and Smart Prime 6, two budget 4G smartphones that aren’t quite as budget as the price tag suggests.

The Smart Ultra 6 is a 5.5in smartphone with an octa-core Snapdragon 615 chipset that boasts 13mp (rear facing) and 5mp (front facing) cameras and weighs only 159g.

But is it better than its smaller brother, the Smart Prime 6? See also: The best Android phones of 2015 Vodafone has marketed the Smart Ultra 6 as a budget 4G phone available for only £125, but this isn’t evident by the design of the handset.

Similar in design to the smaller Smart Prime 6, the Smart Ultra 6 is available in both grey and silver and boasts curved edges that provide a comfortable in-hand experience.

However, before you’re filled with disappointment, it’s worth noting that the handset boasts a Micro-SD card slot, which can boost your phones storage by up to 128GB.