They taste fresh and flavorful and the fact that they are 100% natural and made with non-GMO ingredients make me a happy lady!

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In my typical type A fashion, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I immediately made a million lists.

Lists of things to buy, projects to do around the house, activities to do with Avery while she is still the only child, and a long list of freezer meals to make before the baby comes.

I’m waiting until a little closer to my due date before making freezer meals, but I definitely plan to share my process and recipes with you all when the time comes.

In addition to homemade meals and snacks, I also plan to keep some pre-made meals on hand for quick and easy lunches.

This was my husbands favorite, as he is a big fan of Mexican food.

It was a mix of organic brown rice mixed with organic pinto and black beans, fire roasted corn, red bell peppers and scallions tossed in a tasty tomatillo sauce.

Even though this is technically an unwrapped burrito bowl, I bet it would be even better wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

When I was asked to review these Healthy Choice Simply Cafe Steamers all natural meals, I jumped right at the chance.

They are all natural, made with organic ingredients.