Over the phone: Call the order hotline to prepay using your credit or debit card.What you pay for upfront is what you get charged no nasty surprises or premium phone bill to explain Don’t be shy or embarrassed about your fantasy, I have no taboos, do you?

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Whatever fantasies make your cock twitch can be explored, there are no boundaries other than the ones that you put in place yourself.

I can be dominant or submissive, innocent or slutty, you get to choose. I really enjoy men that know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it.

I have a very fertile imagination and can be your wildest fantasy, your deepest desire, all that you have to do is to tell me what that is.

I also love to share my own sexual experiences and always looking for more things to try, I have a very open mind and a firm believer in the saying “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”.

I have tried many things, I am adventurous and hungry for more.

I love to self-pleasure, and do so at least 3 times a day, almost permanently in an aroused state which fuels my imagination even further.I am fortunate to have some very close female friends who I can tell my deepest thoughts and hear theirs. If ever I am not free then please ask to speak to one of them.So the two things that you have to do are to first think about what you REALLY want, this is the most important part, there is no point in paying for something to not be totally satisfied with the experience and the only way for me or my friends to be able to give you that satisfaction is to know exactly what it is that gets you off.Then book that call or text session and tell us that fantasy that goes through your mind as you shoot a massive load and let us bring it to life for you.Two ways to pay Online: You can pay instantly via our online booking form.Once your order is placed the dispatcher is instantly notified and assigned the appropriate girl for your sms or callback package.