I like to think I'm unique in that I was probably shot at on most continents. I have no idea if that can, but I know that my ideas, I have ideas, I have inventions that have proven to be very helpful to society.Anyway, what I see happening is a complete turn away from the way this country started out and in its Constitution to what appears to be headed toward a socialistic system where reason and logic has no bearing. Many of them have been suppressed by the fact that we had a government that was run by industry rather than by the people.It's turned away from that, and many industries are actually governed by rules and regulations that make it virtually impossible for them to exist if they do things that are good for humanity.

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That was very important because of my belief, and the belief of many other people that I have great respect for, that the world is going through a... Yesterday we were talking off-record for the best part of twelve hours and our minds are still digesting an enormous amount of extraordinary information that he shared with us, some of which is off-record.

Once the people found out what had done to them by their representatives, they felt that it would be much better for their health and safety to be somewhere else. My understanding, it was the third-ever closed session of Congress. We found that no matter where the politician was and what committee he was on, when top secret things were talked about, they wanted to close the session early so they could get out and put their tips out to the news. Pete Peterson, who’s a name that not many people will know, but may be – among the many extraordinary whistleblowers and contacts and researchers and scientists who we have had the great pleasure of talking to – may be one of the most important.

BR: Am I right in assuming that you wouldn’t contradict those leaks? And this is a Project Camelot interview with a difference because not only have I flown the best part of 8,000 miles – at least it feels like, if it's not quite that many – from Europe to be here for the weekend, but we are also here with David Wilcock, who has also flown from Los Angeles here for the weekend, to join us in a meeting that we had with Dr.

Being a problem-solver, I wish I could say that it was hard work and so forth, but I come from a long line of inventors on both sides of my family tree, and people who graduated from school very early and were significant in affecting things that affected humanity, a number of them, in virtually every kind of field and climate. I'm aware of many programs to remove intelligence from people and return the people, at least of this nation [America], to a mediocre status. We've watched the, as my wife likes to say, the program in the school systems No child left with a mind.

(That's her paraphrase for it.) And I've seen that the type of government we have...

though I'm a patriot and very crudely use the phrase that I got the flag tattooed on both cheeks of my fanny the hard way.

I spent ten years in the Marine Corps and a great part of that was in combat and combat zones and other things I did for the government.

BILL RYAN (BR): This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and this is Monday, June the 29th, 2009.

We want to salute you because you're a very brave man.

One of the things we want to ask you straight off the cuff is why is it that you feel that you wanted to put some of your almost unbelievable and very important testimonies on camera for a lot of people to listen to and watch and understand at this time?

Why is it that you've come forward and you're talking to us now? PETE PETERSON (PP): Well, I think the main reason for that is I've had an inside insight for many, many years, having been picked up in various programs to do things for the government since I was 13 years old.