What happened next would leave wondering on what happened to me.

it might have been drugs but when she died my grandfather got sick and started to die he said that did you see 3 horse men in the hall way.

he also was breathing hard and said i fought off a robber that was not really there. i think that night he was fight death or something like that.

it was so creepy the next day my grandfather and my dad took him to the doctor because he had heart disease and that is why he was dying. aidan when i was 9 i was trying to go to sleep at my mom's night i was hearing things like foot steps.

my mom had a 2 cats and a dog so at first i thought that was it but i realized that her door was closed and i was hearing noses in the hall way. every time i spent the night i would always hear weird things.

On the bench were two people that looked like mom and dad.

I walked toward the light to see if it was them, almost immediately the light appeared to shatter like a glass room shattering apart and i awoke feeling calm and remembering how it seemed so tranquil.

Glenn Batchelor when my great grand mother was dying and a few months before she died she stared seeing things like rabbits and strange people in her room.

she tolled my grandmother to get this black guy out of her room that was not really there.

so it could not be the pets so i got i was finally falling asleep when i did something pulled on i knew it was not human or any thing like that because when i looked up nothing was there. aidan I have no real explination for what happend last Night i just know that I'm still scared and still shaking.