the nordstrom anniversary sale is coming, and there are many tory items marked down already. later when michael uploaded them, we cooed over henry and his chubby cheeks and habit of not looking into the camera. i looked like a shell of someone i once forward to february 2015 and my OB diagnosed me with postpartum anxiety. he lived in gerber baby tees until he was big enough for tee shirts. we shame the mom who nurses and the one who formula feeds. remember in steel magnolias when julia roberts’ character shelby exclaims that her colors are blush and bashful? i never thought i was a shelby, but lo and behold, i kept bookmarking pink and peach purses from left to matter what your colors are, get ready. we sat on a wooden bench in our backyard and used the remote for pictures. i fall in the latter camp; henry had a long torso and they never fit him properly. i dreaded rolling a soiled onesie up and over his head. it’s become the norm to shame others’ choices and even go as far as doing it on social media. i wanted to replace them with a simple shoulder bag— shoulder bags have been my jam since last summer. i sense our connection in each breath i take whether we are together or apart (his school days)may, our friend ashton (he’s a legit photographer) snapped some family photos as a belated birthday gift from michael. i bought a candy cane striped outfit for him and michael and i dressed in red and grey. i have friends that love onesies, and i have friends who don’t. it is not something i would wish on any new mom or even a second time mom or third time live in a fast paced society.

okay— and this may seem awfully silly to some of you— we’re going to a wedding and henry is staying with a sitter. the thought of it brings me lots of butterflies (like overgrown jurassic park kind of butterflies) but at the same time i see the opportunity in it for all of us.

but seeing myself, i felt there was something wrong. she gave me lots of good advice like trying to relax or sleep a little more, speaking up for myself and having confidence in my decisions, and communicating feelings and thoughts before they overwhelmed me. i sought professional help from a postpartum counselor. we adore tee shirts and have never looked back.coincidentally my dear friend kelsey (of snappy casual) posted some cute tees on her blog a few days ago and asked readers to share more favorites. over a year ago i was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety. prior to that (and still to this day) i was told that these are just little things. we shame the mom who gives her kids organic food and the one who gives them chips.

i was often told i was making things up or these were my problems, not anyone else’s. when a student cried because her mom couldn’t be at our valentine’s day party, i gave her a hug and told her that many parents work, like i have henry and we work, so i can’t go to all of his parties either. we shame the mom who has too many books and the mom with the i-Pad at the restaurant.

even michael had a difficult time understanding as he was adjusting to his own role of being a father and husband. i remember she looked up and incredulously said, “your baby goes to school?! we shame the mom who doesn’t parent the way that we do, without a moment’s thought of stepping into her shoes, home, or the past year my best friends have put up fists for me. an old high school friend texts a positive affirmation each week, just because. but yes, she will have wings.“she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted her sails.” -elizabeth edwardsimage (isn’t it beautiful? black friday is pajama friday at our house; we stay in our jams and browse deals online.

past clients also said the portraits are a sweet present on their own! and i mean it in the top banana, incredible, awesome sense. i have another one like it.” apparently i still have white on my brain.

we’re going to a ranch wedding this time so i expect to see boots on girls and bowties on boys of all ages. i took a lot of time off to focus on my family and my health. these new cameo portraits are perfect for summer weddings— you can frame them for the bride and groom and include the portrait with a traditional gift like housewares or linens. minnetonka look | dress | similar sandals | similar hat | shirt | loafers | boots last saturday, i ran errands during henry’s morning nap and saw a sales clerk at t.with a pretty eyelet top. i love white shirts in the summer.” she said, “oh, me too! summer weddings are my favorite; the smell of freshly cut grass and honeysuckle and the sight of ice cold drinks and paper fans ooze southern nostalgia. it’s been awhile since i updated my etsy shop, though very humble. mama and papa get to see friends, and his wonderful teacher from school gets to take care of him in a slightly different environment. ask my husband later how i held we started dating, michael and i attended a lot of weddings together.i remember unsettling or dismissive comments from relatives: you’re supposed to be happy, what’s wrong with you? the stigma of mental health burned and burned and burned and burned.i had the heart to press on because of our son. ” and i had to smile and say, “yes, yes he does.” that led to other students opening up about daycare and families and routines. more than once i have felt the steady hands of my coworkers who help me find balance. my birthday falls on easter sunday this year– it happens every once in awhile– but it feels more poignant this you meet a young mom, tell her she’s doing fine. tell her that every mother and father is different and that’s a good thing. we recently had to replace our coffee maker and rice cooker so i didn’t click on “checkout” at all this year, except on thred UP.i recently received store credit on my fourth clean out bag and i decided to shop for henry this time.i worked, nursed or pumped milk, ate, showered, slept, repeat. when i couldn’t hold it together with my coworkers anymore, i told them the truth: sometimes i want to cry and sometimes i know why and sometimes i don’t. tell her she’s beautiful (even with her unwashed for three days hair). he doesn’t have a large wardrobe; we mainly rotate skinny pants, basic tops, and a few sweatshirts.the outpouring of support was remarkable along with shared stories of similar experiences. i picked out three cute pieces to mix and match with his cold weather you like adorable, affordable clothes, check out the site for your boys and girls!