Tonight at 8p, it is finally time for Bones‘ season finale on Fox and they end it with a major cliffhanger.

We will want to know because how they ended it is so good, you are going want to know more and you are going to want to know it now. You don’t, but it is something Bones fans will love.

When Bones last left off, we found out that Hodgins (TJ Thyne) was paralyzed from the waist down after an explosion.

Tonight at 8p, the Fox procedural is back and we find out how he is doing.

The episode starts off 8 weeks later and he is finally being released from the hospital.

Even though the doctors told him to take it easy, his first stop is the Jeffersonian.

As soon as he gets there, they are working on a case and he insists on helping out.

He might think he is ready, but Angela (Michaela Conlin) doesn’t.

Has she figured out who it is or are they just nightmares?

Bones (David Boreanaz) and Aubrey (John Boyd) think they might’ve caught their guy, but just as they do something happens that changes everything.