They both love each other very much and are still living together, but their relationship is shaken up right now.” …Jim, 37, proposed to 33-year-old Todd, an art director, and the two had been planning a Christmas wedding in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal.

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For now, everything is on hold.”, print edition, February 7, 2011] Having or not having kids is a big deal in a relationship.

With Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John both having children through surrogate mothers, Jim may lessen his view on not having kids.

But it’s definitely something he and Todd should decide before getting married.Don’t expect to see Jim and Todd at this Sunday’s SAG Awards. The actor’s fiance, Todd Spiewak, put the brakes on their marriage plans after the couple disagreed on whether to adopt children.“Jim and Todd have been together for quite a while, but never really talked kids.Todd always assumed that Jim wanted to have a family,” stated a friend of the couple.“Jim recently made a joke about how he couldn’t handle being around children, and when Todd asked him about having kids together, Jim said ‘no way.’ Todd was heartbroken.