Yes, it’s possible to waste money on a site that doesn’t charge. Well, time is money, but that’s not what we’re talking about.If you value your information, don’t put it on i Want You can find yourself bombarded with offers, as well as with attempts to steal your identity if you put your email into IWant

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These messages were obviously fake, and it’s kind of sad to see what they think passes as a proper response.

Here’s one of our favorite examples: “You sent me a message. If you don’t want to have SEX tonight than don’t message me again! Yes, we caved in to curiosity and sent a message back, hoping against hope that it was real.

Alas, she never responded (even though we assured her that yes, we were willing to have SEX tonight).

We kind of are on the fence about this—you guys really need to head over to this site just to read the front page.

This site is such a poor attempt at making a website that we would feel sorry for it, if we weren’t being scammed out of money.

The weird broken English all over this site makes it obvious that it originates from Eastern Europe, which makes it even more obvious that this is a complete scam. This site doesn’t have ANYTHING to offer that better sites don’t do a million times better.If you need any more proof that IWant is just a big scam that will never get you laid, read on. There are no special features that are unique or interesting, and there are no fake profiles you haven’t seen at a hundred other websites—at least, WE’VE seen them at a hundred other websites.If you’re following our guides to the BEST hookup sites, you aren’t on the websites that use fake profiles. If you’re spending time on IWant, you’re wasting your time and your money.Don’t sign up, don’t give them any ad revenue, but read the front page.We promise, you’re going to laugh until you throw up like we did.Here are some of our favorite phrases: “ Use this site to cultivate our weapons of sex destruction!